Transform youth to become successful future leader, leading other youth in outreach to society, making it a better place for tomorrow.


Provide an accurate, uncommon, and positive learning environment for incoming high school students. These students will grow in a multitude of facets, inspire not only the community but the world, build unbreakable bonds with staff and peers, and most importantly have a solid foundation to be successful in today’s society.

Academic Focus

High Quality Project Based Learning

Project based learning helps students analyze real-world issues and address critical thinking questions. Each class will have a project where students collaborate, explore, make choices, reflect, and
create a product.

Learning Plan

The learning plan will be designed for students to create their own style of learning and to develop a plan to make them successful in their academics, talents, self-development and career goals. The Leaders Reaching for Success team (director, principal, and teachers) will hold a meeting with each student and parent individually. During this time we will focus on the topics listed below:

Assessment Results
Strength & Weakness
Learning Modalities
Student Interest (School, Home, Individual)

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Leaders motivate, establish goals, innovate and cultivate an atmosphere of trust. A leader takes initiative and will set up the people around him or her for success. Great leaders develop more leaders and are never in competition, they are a team.


Optimistic in attitude, constructive and confident. Having unwavering hope. Always thinking of good aspects of a situation rather than a negative one. The ability to meet challenges and situations in life with positive outlook.


The ability to discern what is true, right and lasting. To think and act using knowledge, experience, keen understanding, common sense, and insight. The soundness of an action or decision with regard to the application of experience.


Courage or fortitude in the face of moral, physical, emotional, or social adversity. Having the power to resist attack. The capacity for exertion and endurance. Emotionally strong, determined and without dilution.

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